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Federico Heinz:
Free Software in Education and in Public Administration

Plus "GPLv3: the process and the changes", presented by Ciaran O'Riordan

14.00-17.00, Saturday the 29th of April, 2006
Irish Computer Society
Crescent Hall, Mount. Street Crescent, Dublin 2 (opposite the Pepper Canister Church)

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The presentations

Federico Heinz: The Imperative for Free Software in Government & Public Administration
Recordings: video (mirror), audio: ogg (mirror) mp3, audio Q&A: ogg (mirror) mp3.
Heinz is one of the guys behind the adoption of laws requiring government bodies to use Free Software in various Latin American countries, particularly Argentina, Peru, and Venezuela. These laws have met mixed results.
In particular, Heinz argues that use of Free Software is necessary to fulfill the state's promise the the citizens that their data which it keeps and processes, will be kept with three principles:
  1. Security. No one should be able to prevent the people who do have the right to access that data, from doing so
  2. Persistence. How long the data is usable for should be determined by the government
  3. Transparency. Actions which the laws mandate must be verifiable by the citizens.
Heinz explains that this can be done through manual procedures, but when it is done digitally, Free Software must be used.
Ciaran O'Riordan: GPLv3: the process and the changes
Recordings: video (mirror), audio: ogg (mirror) mp3.
A brief presentation of the most significant changes proposed for version three of the GNU General Public License, and information about the year-long public consultation process.
Federico Heinz: Free Software and Education
Recordings: video (mirror), audio: ogg (mirror) mp3.
This is a topic that IFSO requested he talk about, and it's something that's also important to him. Issues such as access to education are far more acute there than in Ireland.
This should be of particular interest to those evaluating or advocating the use of Free Software for the software infrastructure of schools and universities, for the teaching curricula based on Free Software.

More recordings & formats.

About Federico Heinz

Heinz is a veteran and widely-respected Free Software advocate in Latin America, a long time GNU project spokesperson, and was elected president of FSF Latin America when it launched recently.

His background is in software development and administration, mostly on the implementation end, getting systems in place using existing Free Software.

Heinz is also one of the GNU projects nine official speakers, for a bio, see the entry about him on the GNU project speakers page.

He has a reputation as on of the Free Software movement's best public speakers.

There is a video online of Federico Heinz participating in a panel on Free Software in public administration.

"Free Software and democracy are not equivalent, Free Software is just a precondition. You can run a dictatorship on free software, it might even make it more efficient, but you cannot run a democracy on proprietary software."

Event programme & details

The event will start soon after 14h00 on the evening of Saturday, April 29th. There will be a 30 minute break between the two talks, and tea, coffee, and buscuits will be provided.

The venue is provided by Irish Computer Society, a map is available on their website. Thanks to ILUG for help with promoting this, who invited us to use the venue, via Niall Walsh.