Get Involved

  1. Join the fsfe-ie mailing list
  2. Become a member of IFSO
  3. Donate to IFSO
  4. Attend IFSO meetings
  5. Collaborate on a project
  6. Use the wiki
  7. Wear an IFSO t-shirt

There are several ways you can support IFSO and the Free Software movement in Ireland.

Join the fsfe-ie mailing list

If you want to get involved, the first thing we recommend is that you join the fsfe-ie mailing list. This is used by the Free Software community in Ireland for announcements and discussion, and is not high traffic. The list is provided by the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), and is neither owned nor organised by IFSO.

Joining the list is easy; all you need is a valid e-mail address.

Your membership of the list is only made known to the list administrators. If you post to the list, your e-mail address will appear, but in an altered form to deter spammers. Currently, the list is not moderated.

The archives of the list are kept here:

Before posting to the list, please remember that the list is public and that people can read the archives. If you want to raise an issue with IFSO privately, please send an e-mail to contact at ifso dot ie.


Become a member of IFSO

IFSO is a membership organisation that relies on its members for support. For one thing, membership fees constitute an important part of IFSO's financial resources. Also, the more members we have, the more weight our arguments carry when we talk to politicians and journalists.

Membership fees are €20 per year (although a reduced rate can be arranged). Membership includes an invitation to the Annual General Meeting, and each member of more than four months has one vote in our annual elections. When IFSO has guests, we try to arrange a dinner to which IFSO members are invited. For a detailed description of membership, check out the IFSO constitution.

To arrange your membership, either talk to a committee member at a monthly meeting, or send an e-mail to contact at ifso dot ie. Naturally, IFSO will not disclose members' personal information to third parties.


Donate to IFSO

IFSO would welcome any donation you can offer. We accept donations via PayPal: click the "Make a Donation" button below. Alternatively, you can give it in person at a monthly meeting. If you decide to donate, please send us an e-mail at contact at ifso dot ie.


Attend IFSO meetings

IFSO organises regular meetings which are open to all, members and non-members alike. They are held at 20:00 on the third Tuesday of every month in The Long Stone pub on Townsend Street (between Pearse Street and Poolbeg Street).

If you cannot make the regular meetings, contact us and we will try to arrange an extra meeting. If there is interest, we would also like to hold irregular meetings outside Dublin during the year.

The minutes from previous meetings are kept on our documents page.


Collaborate on a project

IFSO's stated objective is to "promote and defend Free Software". Within the scope of this broad objective, we have identified several projects which would like to undertake. These are listed on our projects page.

If you would like to help us with one of these projects, the best places to start are the fsfe-ie mailing list and the wiki.


Use the wiki

A wiki is a set of web pages which allows users to add and edit content. For an encyclopedic description, see the Wiki article on Wikipedia (which is, itself, a wiki).

IFSO uses the IFSO-hosted wiki to collaborate on projects. As an example, we use this page to discuss issues relating to the IFSO web site.

If you are new to wikis, we recommend you read the help for beginners and mess around in the sand box. To edit or create a page you will have to make an account:

Wear an IFSO t-shirt

You can support IFSO simply by buying an IFSO t-shirt and wearing it with pride. Check out the t-shirts page.