The drafting of an updated vesion of the GNU General Public License (the GPL) will last for the whole of 2006, and possibly part of 2007. The GPL is the most widely used license for Free Software and this is the first time such a license has been drafted in such a large, public consultation. IFSO hopes to provide information to those who look for it, and to help people participate in the public process.
In the course of promoting IFSO, people have drawn logos, created flyers, etc. On the "Promotion" project page we collect the materials we've used.
The EU directive on the "Patentability of Computer Implemented Inventions" (COM(2002) 92, 2002/0047 (COD)). This directive will decide whether software implementable ideas should be patentable (ownable exclusively).
The EU "Information Society" directive (2001/29/EC). Under this directive, it is illegal to circumvent a rights management system in order to gain access to a copyrighted work, even if the person has a legal right to access the work.
Our task list. If you're looking for something to do, you could get ideas here, or if you are working on something else, drop us an email.

We also keep a page for old projects.